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Socibot Is A CLOUD-BASED Software That Responds To Facebook and Instagram Comments & Messages, Gets You HOT Leads And Sales In 60 Seconds!


How Work Socibot Software:

Socibot Software Is The Ultimate Automated Social Traffic and Sales System.

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Socibot Features:

  • Run Social Contests and Generate Leads

Social contests are a great way to boost your business’ brand awareness and sales. You get to connect with your audience and build a raving fan base.

  • Recover Old Leads And Build Your List

What if you could recover (and grab) every lead that has commented on your Facebook ads, Facebook organic posts, Instagram ads, and Instagram organic posts?

  • Put Your Replies On Complete Automation

Socibot allows you to set up automation to manage your Instagram and Facebook posts. This helps increase your engagement, following, traffic and sales – without you being stuck on your phone or computer.

  • Instantly Message Your Leads Without Extra Costs

Socibot doubles up as a messenger (think a simpler version of Manychat). This helps you send Facebook and Instagram messages to all the leads you’ve collected using Socibot.

  • Segment Your Leads and Send Targeted Offers

When you run social contests, you will be able to turn anyone that comments into a lead inside the Socibot system.

But that’s just the start. Based on the SPECIFIC KEYWORD people reply (to win), you can put them into a segmented list inside your messenger system.

This is similar to running surveys, and automatically segmenting the audience in different lists.

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