QuizTarget Review

QuizTarget Can Creates Pro Quizzes In A Few Easy Clicks.


How Work QuizTarget Software:

  • Step 1: Choose a template
  • Step 2: Customize it
  • Step 3: Share it

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QuizTarget Features:

  • Funnel Quizzes

Show your audience specific questions, offers, affiliate links, content and more, based on their answers!

  • Sales Quizzes

Turn your quiz into a “virtual sales rep” that asks all the right questions and presents people with the solution that’s right for them.

  • Lead Gen Quizzes

Ask a number of questions and capture emails before showing the user’s results. Or capture their email at the start, middle, end or after any question you like!

  • Feedback Quizzes

Find out what your customers really think about your stuff, or run surveys for your paying clients instead.

  • Market Research Quizzes

Gather golden intel on your market by asking them questions about what they like, hate and need help with. QuizTarget makes these quizzes fun and engaging so they want to participate!

  • Prelaunch Quizzes

Build a massive prelaunch list and keep them engaged with additional quizzes during your launch. Based on their answers, you can show targeted content or different product offers and watch your sales blow up on launch day!

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