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Tube Charge Review

Tube Charge Is A NEW Web-App That Delivers FREE, Targeted BUYER-Traffic in 48 hours or Less By AUTOMATICALLY Ranking DOZENS of Videos on Page 1 of Google And YouTube, SIMULTANEOUSLY!

This Is The Ultimate Platform For Mass Video Rankings In 48 Hours Or Less!

Tube Charge
Tube Charge

Tube Charge Overview:

Tube Charge is a new web-app that AUTOMATICALLY Claim DOZENS of Page 1 Rankings Simultaneously With MASS Video Creation, MASS Video Uploading AND Automatic Video Optimization!

Tube Charge Automatically Creates Videos In Bulk, Automatically Optimizes Videos In Bulk And Automatically Uploads Videos In Bulk And Much Much More!!

Tube Charge Review
Tube Charge Review

How Work Tube Charge Software:

  • Step 1: Login To Tube Charge Web-app and Turn ONE video into DOZENS of Variations At the Click of a couple buttons with our powerful Video Spinner
  • Step 2: Fill out a simple video optimization template and connect it to the videos you just created so our app automatically optimizes ALL your Videos For YOU
  • Step 3: Configure Your Upload Settings So You Have Fully-Optimized Videos Automatically Uploaded To Your YouTube Channel EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Let’s jump into a Quick Demo Video So I can Show You Just How Powerful This App Is:

Tube Charge Demo

Tube Charge Features:

  • Access To Tube Charger Video Spinner to Quickly Turn 1 Video Into Dozens or even hundreds! I can almost guarantee you haven’t seen anything like this before. Within just a few clicks of your mouse, Tube Charge Software will automatically create DOZENS of different variations of your videos.

This allows you to bypass the duplicate content filter on YouTube AND it’ll allow you to get A LOT more rankings with the “same” video by targeting DOZENS or even HUNDREDS of keywords at the same time.

  • Access to Tube Charger Video Optimizer for automatic optimization of ALL your videos. Now that Tube Charge has created ALL those videos for you, it’s time to ensure they’re properly optimized, right?

Well, in a matter of MINUTES Tube Charge will automatically optimize your videos for your target keywords. All you have to do is just fill out our pre-made optimization template, upload it to the campaign you’re working on, and THAT’S IT! Tube Charge will ensure that every video that gets uploaded is perfectly optimized.

  • Access to Tube Charge Mass Video Uploader Feature. YouTube is cracking down on mass video uploading, there’s no reason to deny that. However, the way that we’ve set up our system, it allows you to fly under the radar.

Tube Charge video uploader has a powerful, human-like, simulation system built-in that makes it look as NATURAL as possible by uploading 5 videos every day for you at 60 minutes apart. This not only builds up your channels authority, but it ensures that Tube Charge is ranking videos for you EVERY SINGLE DAY!

  • Access To Tube Charge Campaign Scheduler. Want to start your campaigns right away or schedule them for the future? No problem. Tube Charger campaigns scheduler allows you to be in FULL control of when your campaigns start.

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Get Tube Charge Now
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