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TTS Audio Maker Review

TTS Audio Maker Is An Easy-To-Use Online Software To Create Professional Text To Speech Audio Files & Multi-Voice Stories in Seconds!

It’s a new Text To Speech audio software (Online-Application) that creates audio using just text. That means that any text you add on this app will generate a human-like voice audio file that you can listen on any device or add it to your projects and the best part is that it will sound like another human-being was reading it!

TTS Audio Maker
TTS Audio Maker

How Work TTS Audio Maker Software:

  • Step 1: Create a Project

After logging in to the online app, you just need to name your project, choose between an ‘Only-Text’ Project or an ‘Story-Mode’ Project and start using it

  • Step 2: Add some text

Now, just add some text, choose a voice/language. You can preview the added text and change the voices if you want.

  • Step 3: Done!

From here you can choose to Download your project or start a new one, it’s up to you!

TTS Audio Maker Demo

TTS Audio Maker Features:

  • 100% Cloud Based Software
  • Easy to use

Write your own text or just copy and paste any text you want. It’s so easy to use! if you know how to use a computer’s mouse you can use TTS Audio Maker!

  • Human-like male and female Voices

Our new voices are designed to sound natural so you can be sure that the audios made with TTS Audio Maker will sound great on any project!

  • Story-Mode Technology

Featuring the latest TTS technology! now you can create dialogs using different voices so you can create conversations, discussions and much more!

Get TTS Audio Maker Now

Get TTS Audio Maker Now
Get TTS Audio Maker Now