Stafftimer App Review

Stafftimer App Is A Revolutionary Time Tracking App to give your productivity a boost. A time tracking software that allows employers to remotely monitor teams.

It offers the innovative features of real-time screen monitoring,and intelligent reports to streamline workflow through screenshots at regular intervals, daily video & image logs, and task assignments through voice clips.

Stafftimer App
Stafftimer App

Staff Timer’s data processing is compliant with the Global Standards, in particular, the EU laws. We have ensured all necessary measures are in place to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), enacted in May 2018. How Work Stafftimer App Software? Watch Staff Timer App Demo here.

Stafftimer App Features:

  • Real-time monitoring

Worried about your employees goofing around during working hours Increase employee productivity and keep track of their online activities and prevent any misuse of the data or resources. Protect customer confidentiality and your business altogether.

  1. Identify idle users
  2. View browsing in incognito mode
  3. View all websites & applications
  • Screenshot every minute

See exactly what users see on their screens through Real-time screenshots update after every 1 minute. You can view multiple screens in a single view with live thumbnails.

  1. Optional. Opt-in or out
  2. Set the time interval
  3. Capture your entire screen
  • Audio clips for task assignment

Eliminate the hassle of micromanaging workforce and miscommunication through audio clips. Simply, click on the assign task button at the top right side of the page. In the pop-up that appears, select the user you wish to assign the task to and record your message on the go. It’s that easy.

  1. Automate tasks
  2. No miscommunication
  3. Easy attachment
  • Project Tracking

Track project milestones, and the status of related tasks. Determine the completed work for each project task. Determine how much time and resources has your team spent on the project and correctly estimate how much more is needed to reach the target. Add as many projects as you want and assign team members.

  1. Track project achievements
  2. Compare resources spent
  3. Determine work done
  • Intelligence reports

Get insights into your employees that have a direct impact on your company’s productivity. Discover the behavioral trends of your team members, including their daily work standards, and developmental needs, their potential, and competencies.

  1. Track time spent on projects, & tasks
  2. Track the URL usage
  3. Easily downloadable
  • Daily work videos

A video clip demonstrates the whole day’s activity within a minute. The video can be viewed by an employer so that they have an exact picture of what’s happening in the blink of an eye. Daily work videos are a more useful way to describe the performance graph of an individual.

  1. Download for offline viewing
  2. Employee evaluation
  3. Save your time

Get Stafftimer App Now

Get Stafftimer App Now
Get Stafftimer App Now