SMSBOT Software

SMSBOT Is The World’s First SMS Autoresponder To Both Generate You LOADS Of Mobile Traffic AND Make You Autopilot Sales With INDUSTRY Leading Delivery And Response Rate Is Now UNLEASHED!

Get SMSBOT Software Now
Get SMSBOT Software Now

How Work SMSBOT Software:

  • Step 1: Capture

Use our special opt-in forms to capture your visitor contact number from anywhere!

  • Step 2: Follow Up & Nurture

SMSBOT takes over and talks and nurture your visitor with smart SMS follow ups. You can schedule your messages to go in future and build smart FLOWS that convert to sales.

  • Step 3: Count The Profits

Let SMSBOT do all the hard work while you count the profits. Rinse and repeat.

SMSBOT Software
SMSBOT Software

SMSBOT Features:

  • Unlimited Keywords

You can create unlimited keywords to ignite the bot to start responding. Keywords can be created based on Exact word or loosely keyword.

  • Enable Notification

Setup SMS notification, So you know if a person is requesting information from the bot. Helpful for ecom, marketers, high ticket offers and offline business like Realtors, Consultants & Marketers.

  • Create Bot Logic

Create Bot logic based on people’s response. You can have alternate responses/questions based on their response.

  • Capture Information

You can capture their Name, Email, Ph #, City, Zip, Age, Race, Income, Sex, Address & other Info. System can save these important data points on the system for you to export.

  • Take Over Conversation

You can take over the Bot response by responding to your leads directly from SMSBOT “Messaging” dashboard. You can communicate with the user Live and respond to their questions & close the deal

  • Send/Schedule Mass SMS

You can use this feature to send mass SMS or schedule a mass sms.

Get SMSBOT Software Now

Get SMSBOT Software Now
Get SMSBOT Software Now