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PushPrime is an online service that lets your buyers easily and quickly set up powerful push notifications that can grab more subscribers than opt-in squeeze pages and generate response levels equal to or better than email ever can. Many people don’t even read the emails that you send them, they just pile up in their inboxes. We all need a better notification channel, and that channel is push notification.

How Work PushPrime push notifications:

Push notifications happen right in the browser, they’re easy to opt into, and they’re easy to take action on. Push notifications are proven to have higher open rates AND click rates than email. They’re perfect for anything you want to notify your people about IMMEDIATELY – just send a notification out and people see it in real-time, even if they aren’t looking at your website. They see your special sale or limited time coupon code NOW so they can take advantage NOW, rather than being too late when they finally get around to opening that email you sent.

Quick And Easy Unblockable Push Notifications That Work Practically Anywhere.¬†Push notifications from PushPrime work on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, iOS and Android. It doesn’t matter if your website is HTML, WordPress, Joomla, or Magento, it’s all covered. Unlike javascript popups, these notifications are not effected by popup blockers or ad blockers.

Who Needs PushPrime Software:

If you run a blog, an ecommerce website, or sell any sort of products or services online, you need push notifications… You need PushPrime! Push notifications have become widely accepted, thanks to phone apps using them extensively. PushPrime makes browser-based push notifications easy as pie.

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