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MailEngageX Is A World’s #1 All-In-One Email Tool Box That Allows You to Add Life to Emails via Personalized Videos & Interactive Elements. The Perfect Package to Get 3X Clicks On Any Email Broadcasts You Send. This Is The Fast & The Easy Way To Add Personalization & Interactive Elements To Your Emails.

MailEngageX Overview:

MailEngageX Review:

MailEngageX includes letMailbox 2.0 and MailMastery LIVE.

letMailbox 2.0 is a powerhouse of 24-In-One Attention Grabbing & Click Pulling Elements like Personalized AutoPlay Videos, Personalized Images, Hellobars, Timers, Feedback Bars, Interactive Forms, Self Destructing Messages. etc., that YOU can simply add in your emails in just a few clicks!!

  • Simple Copy Paste System
  • Works with ESPs like Gmail, etc.
  • SaaS App by LetX
  • 100% Mobile Optimized Elements
  • Works with Most AutoResponders
  • Fully Customizable Unique Product

MailMastery is a LIVE training where we will train your users on the 360-degrees of email marketing. We will also expose your users to the best-kept in-house REAL EMAIL hacks & tips that we ourselves use on a daily basis.

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With 6 weeks of LIVE training, MailEngageX (using LetMailbox 2.0) will help you turn your email marketing more profitable than ever!

LetMailBox has been designed to sit on the top of your current autoresponder – that way, you don’t need to stop using what you have.

Just make an element in LetMailBox, copy paste in your Email/AR and you’re good to go!!

MailEngageX (through LetMailbox 2.0) has combined all the conversion triggers used by AUTHORITY BRAND NAMES in one place that will instantly increase your conversion rates, the moment a client opens your email!

Its a plug and play platform where you can setup all you conversion trigger methods in one easy to use dashboard.

No technical expertise required. If you can copy/paste, you can use LetMailbox.

MailEngageX Review
MailEngageX Review

LetMailbox pushes interactive engagement to the next level. If you are serious about using email marketing in your business, LetMailbox is the single tool you’ll need to succeed in 2019.

With ready made email widgets anyone can start maximizing returns on their email campaigns instantly!

LetMailbox 2.0 has been built basis what all the existing users have been asking for.

Hence, it’s in-depth tested and proven to convert, since it’s exactly what this industry has been demanding!!

Engagement Elements

  • Yes/No Bar
  • Feedback Rating
  • Polls
  • QnA
  • Group Event Poll
  • Signature

Conversion Elements

  • Timers
  • Hellobar Timer
  • Personalized Images
  • Link Preview Cards
  • Call to Action Buttons
  • Footer Widgets

Growth Elements

  • Social Badges
  • Social Share Buttons
  • Self Destructing Messages
  • Twitter Tweet Embed
  • Youtube Embed
  • Vimeo Embed
  • Google Map Embed
  • Instagram Embed
  • Pinterest Embed
  • Twitter Timeline Embed
  • GIF Embed
  • Image Embed

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