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Local Vid Pro Is The First Ever Software To Make Video Creation, Ranking & Selling Point & Click Easy In 1 Dashboard. Watch Local Vid Pro Demo here.

How Work Local Vid Pro Software:

  • Step 1: Create

This is the part where you create captivating and great videos in just a few clicks. No graphic experience and no tech knowledge. You can create various videos ranging from green screen videos to sales videos to review videos to simple image based videos simply by following the steps the software TELLS you to follow (no thinking.) OR – you can take an existing video you have from any of your favorite video software and use it, OR EDIT it inside our editor.

  • Step 2: Drive

This is where you drive traffic. The software uses a proven live event technology to rank videos like it’s nobody’s business. The it works it takes your new videos, finds multiple profitable keywords to rank it for, and gets it ranked for all those keywords at once by using LIVE EVENTS.

​Live events work very well because youtube and google FAVOUR them over normal videos..ever since 9/11 in 2001 when people were searching on google for news about the event but couldnt find anything as everything WAS OLD. So live events will always rank higher if done right, and our software does it right.

​Not only that, It’ll will also take care of all other seo aspects needed to rank like keyword research, description, titles and SEO in general, and you don’t need to know SEO. just need a niche.

  • Step 3: Snipe

This section is the section where you use the software to find hungry local businesses and sell to them. On a normal campaign this would be step #1..since you’ll find clients and only then create videos and rank for them. But you can also create videos before you contact client, and show it to them and rank for them. The beauty of this section is that it finds HUNGRY clients and CONTACTS THEM.

  • Step 4: Profit

Step #4 is the best part – because this is where we make money. The software will contact the client and begin selling to them, using the templates we provide and our training, this is the section where you will be the happiest person on earth.

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Get Local Vid Pro Software Now

Get Local Vid Pro Software Now
Get Local Vid Pro Software Now