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Everzippy Is A Webinar Automation Software. Automate ALL Your Video Marketing & Turn ANY Video Into A Sales & Lead Generation Machine Overnight – Leveraging Our Brand New Auto-Webinar System For Traffic & Profits.

Everything 100% Automated In 3 Simple Steps INCLUDING Emails, Receiving Payments & So Much More! Build Engagement and Scalability Without Running Daily Live Webinars.


How Work EverZippy Software:

  • Step 1: Choose any video

Take ANY Video You Like

  • Step 2: Automated leads & follow up process in minutes

Turn It Into A Professional & Automated Webinar Presentation In Minutes

  • Step 3: Generate traffic

Generate Traffic, Leads, Sales & Profits From All Your Videos

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EverZippy Features:

  • Live To Evergreen in a single click!

A single Click Platform Swap: Stay in one spot to deal with all your live and evergreen webinar marketing.

Convert Live to Automated: Simply import a past live event and EverZippy will consequently crunch it into an evergreen event within seconds!

Comfort: Keep all your stats, chats, and videos all in one convenient, easy to access, location!

  • Smart Scheduling System

Our smart scheduling system gives you a chance to set up your advancement for month to month, week after week, or even day by day Webinars. You can choose explicit days of the week and time zones dependent on what works best for your group of spectators.

Shut out explicit occasions or explicit dates that you don’t need your advancement to run.

Time zone auto-identification: Design your online classes for one explicit time, regardless of where on the planet your guests register from.

  • Live chat simulator

Import your own visit history, and the framework will move it “live” through the event! Seed your pre-designed chat lines and they will be shown, all together, at your ideal time stamp through the event. Download and import the chat history from a past webinar.

This makes duplicating a past live webinar into evergreen Feeling of authenticity and movement: Your participants will see every one of those talk lines come continuously, making your evergreen event feel invigorated, genuine and interesting.

  • At Right Time Webinars

Set dynamic “At Right Time” webinars that begin inside minutes upon enrollment. Give them a chance to watch your webinars on-request as they register.

No pausing, no planning, no deferral: they sign up to expend your online course substance immediately!

Block night time webinars to keep it 100% sensible: in the event that somebody arrives on your enlistment page whenever as the night progressed, the following quick calendar will be recorded for the following day.

  • Dynamic Participant Display

Individuals join and leave the webinar rooms all the time during a live event, and EverWebinar repeats that common conduct as well. Pre-characterize your ideal participation peak and the framework will logically develop participation check right to the pinnacle, and after that it will sensibly bend down as the event goes on.

Keep Attendance Hidden: On the other hand, in the event that you would prefer to keep your participation levels covered up, simply impair your group of spectators tally with a tick.

  • Monitor Absolutely Everything

Join, participation and buy proportions: You will realize what number of guests convert into registrants, what number of registrants convert into viewer, and what number of viewers convert into purchasers!

Track the cash! If you sell a product or service through your automated events, you want to know your average dollar-per-signup and dollar-per-attendee numbers, so you can budget for your advertising costs accurately.

  • Integrates with everything you need!

Build your mailing list! EverZippy integrates with all the popular autoresponders out there: Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, iContact, InfusionSoft, Benchmark, ActiveCampaign, Sendlane and more.

3rd party tracking: You can embed your Google Analytics or Facebook tracking pixels, so you can run paid advertising campaigns, re-target your audience and so on. If they can be tracked, we will track them!

  • Keep Your Subscribers in Touch with Full Email communication system

Email Reminders: Communicate with your supporters even after the webinars. Before the webinar, speak with them to remind them about the event so they don’t miss it. What’s more, you can set up a teaching succession to warm them up before the webinar.

Craft your messages relying upon their activities… For instance: If they missed your webinar, send them the link to the replay. If they didn’t buy your item, you can send them an offer. If they left the webinar early, you can inquire as to whether they had any specialized issue, and so on.

  • Apps Integration

You can integrate with the Autoresponders listed below. Once connected, you can set up behavior rules in your products to add customers to mailing list, tag them when their subscription is cancelled and much more !

Active Campaign, Aweber, Mailchimp, Getresponse and others…

  • Seamless tagging integration

Everzippy will pass custom conduct tags to your leads, so you can sort out them dependent on whether they attend your webinar or not, whether they remain until the end, whether they leave inside the primary X minutes, whether they buy your item, whether they watch the webinar replay, and so forth.

  • Custom Branding

Everzippy enables you to build trust in your brand. Customize your webinar appearance so that your target audience will recognize you in seconds. Add your logo and customize the page with your theme color so that your pages are consistent with your own website and brand.

  • Included With EverZippy

Free Training : With our expert help, turn webinars into highly converting automated marketing machines!

Community: Join our Exclusive Facebook Community of over ABC+ members.

Unlimited Support: We will walk you through the entire process to ensure a pleasant experience!

  • Paid Webinars

Everzippy allows you to monetize your webinar quickly and easily. You can simply enable this feature and decide which webinars you want to charge for. The transactions are processed by PayPal, so your money is safe.

  • Join Anywhere, any device

Whether you’re on a desktop PC, tablet or even a smartphone, you can broadcast your recordings as a webinar – with no software installation needed. This will increase your attendees and you will get more leads.

  • Free SSL

Security on the webinars has always been a concern, but in recent years it has garnered a lot more attention. SSL Certification has been made compulsory in marketing. Everzippy makes sure your webinar is protected fully and therefore gives free SSL certificates.

  • See LIVE location of all attendees

Everzippy helps you see LIVE location of all attendees to map which part of world were most interested to join your webinar and hence helps you to know your perfect target audience.

  • Tracking and Remarketing System

You can track your audience’s behavior on all your everzippy software to improve your webinar performance and create tailored ads for particular groups of users.

  • Customized scheduling

You can offer your webinar as frequently as you wish. You can setup your webinar to reoccur on multiple days of the week, multiple times per day or you may even want to set it up to continuously begin in the next 15 minutes with the “just-in-time” feature.

  • Ready to use Template

When you schedule a webinar, you can save the settings for that webinar as a template for scheduling future webinars. Use one of our professionally designed, done for you webinar templates to look fine for your attendees.

  • Full-featured host controls

Mute/unmute panelists, and promote an attendee to panelist, giving them audio and video capabilities for enhanced engagement. You as a host has the highest level of control in a webinar.

  • Inbuilt Email Funnel

In everzippy E-mail invitations are built-in and are customizable and designed to maximize conversion rates Now you don’t have to create a pre-webinar reminder email, everzippy will do it for you.

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